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Our Machine Shop

Ascension Manufacturing's 26,000sq. ft. machine shop in Cambridge, Ontario is fully equipped with multiple state-of-the-art CNC milling machines that can travel at more than 50m/minute, with bed sizes up to 34" wide. With multiple lathes, we can turn parts of various sizes and complexities. Our grinding machines allow us to grind inner diameters, outer diameters, and surfaces to meet specified dimensions and finish. 

CNC Mills

Hurco VMX42 - Travel 50" x 24"

First V1000 - Travel 44" x 23½"

First V700 - Table Size 31½" x 15¾"

First MCV300 - Table Size 27½" x 14"

Manual Mills

3x First Manual Mills - Travel 26" x 10"

2x Dahlih (Vertical & Horizontal) - Travel 33½" x 12"

Manual Lathes

ND1760E Nardini Lathe

Microweily TY - 2060 Lathe

CNC Lathe

CTX 320 Linear Gildemeister

Man welding metal
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